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Research Interests

My interest is to improve the understanding of Indian Ocean climatology, the Indo-Asian and African monsoon dynamics: the forcing-response relationship at orbital and glacial-interglacial time scale. I have a special interest in the strong western boundary current of South Africa, i.e the Agulhas current, its variability, global climatic impact and its effect on regional African climate. Further research interests include the development and the comparison of different quantitative sea surface temperature and salinity reconstruction tools.
I have strong interests in data-climate model comparisons. I perform climate simulations of stable isotopes in the three-dimensional coupled numerical model of intermediate complexity iLOVECLIM for specific time periods. The results are integrated with paleoclimatic reconstructions to evaluate the model and improved our understanding of climate proxies, isotopic processes and the climate system. I also realize syntheses of global paleoclimatic data for stable isotopes in continental and marine realms.
I have recent interests for African past climate and its link to Hominin evolution.

Key words and activities

Orbital and glacial-interglacial time scale

Quaternary chronology, glacial-interglacial cyclicity and insolation forcing. d18O LR04 from Lisiecki and Raymo (2005), orbital parameters and insolation from Laskar et al. (2004). (Modified from Caley (2011) Phd thesis)

Caley Thibaut


Scketch of the iLOVECLIM climate model. (D. Roche, personal communication)

Caley Thibaut

Data-Model comparison. Simulated ocean calcite d18O for the present day with iLOVECLIM and comparison with calcite d18O measurements of various foraminifera species. (Modified from Caley and Roche, 2013 Geoscientific Model Development)

Caley Thibaut

Indo-Asian monsoon

Comparison between annual mean calcite d18O computed with iLOVECLIM and Sanbao, Hulu and Dongge cave records. Spatio-temporal correlation between d18O in precipitation and precipitation rate within iLOVECLIM. (Modified from Caley et al., 2014 Nature comm.)

Caley Thibaut

Agulhas current

(a) Current distribution of foraminiferal species (ratio IOTG/(IOTG + SOG) in percent) in core top sediments of the Indian and South Atlantic regions. Modeled ratio IOTG/(IOTG + SOG) (in percent) with model INALT01 (Durgadoo et al., 2013). (Modified from Caley et al., 2014 GRL)

Caley Thibaut