Pierre Anschutz

Professor, University Bordeaux 1, EPOC
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UMR CNRS 5805 EPOC (Environnements et Paléoenvironnements Océaniques et Continentaux)
Université de Bordeaux, Allee Geoffroy St Hilaire, CS 50023, 33615 Pessac Cedex
tel. (33) (0)5 40 00 88 73
fax. (33) (0)5 56 84 08 48

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Short CV

Date of bearth : 02/09/1966

Education and Qualifications

Work Experience
Scientific Achievement

77 publications in peer-reviewed international journals.
Supervisor or co-supervisor of 11 PhD thesis and 27 Master thesis
P.I. of 15 projects founded by the CNRS, Région Aquitaine, ANR, EPOC
23 scientific cruises, P.I. of 9 cruises

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Research Interests

The overall theme of my research is working on red-ox processes in natural marine environments, at the interface between geochemistry and biology, to understand early diagenesis, sedimentary geochemical records, and biogeochemistry in coastal environments.

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pdf copies of recent publications are available upon request (p.anschutz@epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr)


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  7. Céline Charbonnier (2010-2013) « Biogéochimie des sediments sableux perméable intertidaux et flux vers l'océan »

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